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10:00 am–1:00 pm | Keynotes | Großer Festsaal


    • Discourse – Storytelling Techniken | Future of Production

      Paul Harather | Sandra Lehner | Jani Pösö | Lasse Scharpen


1:00–2:00 pm | Meet the Speakers! | Speakers Lounge

Paul Harather | Sandra Lehner | Jani Pösö | Lasse Scharpen


2:00–4:00 pm | Workshops & Pitching Session


4:00 pm | Summary | Speakers Lounge

Bernhard Hendling | Frédéric-Gérard Kaczek | Florian Reimann | Conrad Tambour | Fresh Talents | Rosa von Suess





Workshops | Speakers | Host

Authentic, Mobile, Social – How Gen Z is changing TV

Sandra Lehner | Head of Content Acquisition EMEA, Frequency, Switzerland/USA

Gen Z is beginning to change everything we know about what TV is and can be. According to a recent study by Hulu, 70 percent of Gen Z says the phrase “watching television” means streaming something online. Whatever content they watch and whichever device they use to watch it, it’s all “TV” for them.
They’re the first generation of true digital natives. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers. When Gen Z is watching TV, they’re also on their phones scrolling through their social media feeds. When it comes to this generation, the future of television is social. In a Gen Z world, if no one is talking about your show, no one is watching your show.
This consumer behavior increasingly influences the sort of drama that gets made and how it gets made for this demographic. This means new ways of storytelling, new types of talent, and new drivers for consumption. From original series commissioned by Facebook and Snapchat to independent productions such as the first Instagram Stories drama and the first WhatsApp chat story. Storytelling on these platforms is evolving fast.

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Druck – Behind the Scenes of the German Version of the Smash Hit SKAM

Lasse Scharpen | Produzent Bantry Bay, Germany

DRUCK” is the German adaptation of the Norwegian hit series “SKAM” by author and director Julie Andem. The horizontally narrated series aimed at 14 to 20 year olds covers the important topics of this formative phase of life: the first love, the ups and downs of friendship, the pressures of school, social outings, the changing landscape of family life, and bullying. The content is authentic and closely resembles the experience of the show’s target group. In order to represent the characters as realistically as possible, the personal skills and hobbies of the largely unknown young actors were integrated into the plot.
More than 700 young people auditioned for a role in “DRUCK.” During two casting tours in November 2017 through the Ruhr region as well as in Berlin, producers were able to gain insights into the specific experience of the youngsters. In interviews, numerous relevant topics were touched upon, including experiences with social media and television, the importance of family, friends, as well as sexual relationships. These impressions were fundamentally important not only for the casting, but also for the bookwork and actual content of the series.

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Mental – Welcome to the institute

Jani Pösö | Writer, Producer, CEO, It’s Alive Films, Finland

Mental is set in a psychiatric hospital in which four young people are committed for different reasons. All of them have serious issues–three tried to kill themselves and one is suffering from drug addiction. Treatments seem to be working, but above it all, new friendships cure better than any drug. When you get out of the mental institution, are you normal again?
The script of the both funny and serious Mental (Sekaisin) was based on the actual experiences of young people with severe mental illness. Mental was more than just entertaining fiction—the production provided a public service that was very important in Finland.


ZETT – An idependant web series

Paul Harather | Director, Screenwriter and Producer Breitwandfilm, Neue System Agentur, Germany

In 2017, director, author, and producer Paul Harather set out with about 20 young people, between the ages of 15 and 20, to develop a completely new kind of youth series. Without any broadcasting involvement, the project began with a large-scale study involving surveys and workshops in which the participants scrutinized their own generation. What are the real questions, needs, and aspirations of this generation that are often portrayed as so different and difficult?
Together with the supervision of Paul Harather, the youngsters began to cast and develop their characters and scripts. After music research and selection, several test scenes were filmed to start production of the series. A portion of the youngers’ work was even incorporated into the final production.
This resulted in a unique work! Much was said after just a few test screenings with various age groups, TV station managers, and advertising industry representatives. “Absolutely fascinating,” “ruthlessly authentic,” “incredibly intimate,” were just some of the reactions.
Although the core target group is teenagers, from 14 – 19, the first test screenings showed very high target group potential among parents, as well as strong potential among grandparents.

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Workflow Tools: Data = Sexy
The advantages of collaborative workflows with Yamdu

Florian Reimann | Managing Director SERIOTEC, Germany

Experience the cloud-based media production management software Yamdu powered by ARRI. Enjoy a case study of the TV movie Lockdown (ZDF) and a hands-on workshop for Yamdu and ARRI Webgate.

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Design Tools: Reflect Lighting System
Great flexibility in the design of mood lighting and a significant reduction of rigging time

Frédéric-Gérard Kaczek | AAC, Founder and CEO Kaczek Visuals, Austria

The KFLECT system provides a diverse range of possibilities for savings: energy (environmental protection), weight (grip material), etc. The system also provides a more comfortable creative workspace for actors, directors, and team members through increased freedom of movement on the set.
Ultimately, the KFLEC-RLS allows graphic designers to minimize compromises while achieving desired moods and effects easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.


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Workflow Tools: NÖT – Animation for a new generation
Produktions-Know-How für die professionelle Umsetzung von seriellen Animationsfilmen

Benjamin Swiczinsky, Johannes Schiehsl, Conrad Tambour | Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm, Austria

Conrad Tambour, Johannes Schiehsl, and Benjamin Swiczinsky from Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm will show series and films from recent years, which led the studio from independent productions to international TV-series to collaborations in major Hollywood productions. What are the challenges for the animation scene in Austria? What’s changing? What are the goals?

Website NÖT

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